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capa-de-shameless http://img687.imageshack.us/


capa-de-shameless http://img687.imageshack.us/

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If you think that you have problems just check the strange, confuse, awkward, difficult, messed-up, among other things, Gallagher’s life. They are shameless because they have to survive, except the father that has this characteristics because is an alcoholic and make the life of his 6 children this confusion. If you watch this tv-show you’ll laugh a lot but you’ll be sad some times because you’ll suffer with Fiona and her brothers. I don’t know if the original from UK is good (I’ll watch to give my opinion) but this one it’s Amazing!

Ficha Técnica
Título: Shameless capa-de-shameless
Director: Mark Mylod
Elenco: Género: Comédia, Drama
País: estados unidos da américa
Ano: 2011

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